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Monday, February 11, 2008

RUNAHOLIC - Nike Running Shoes

What the hell is this word, Runaholic? It’s a new word, trying to describe one which is addicted to or crazy about Running. That’s the impression I have for this word, Runaholic, when I visited Nike website.

When I select shoes, I will search for running shoes. Why? Because I love running or jogging. It’s good for health. There are few brands of my favourites, and Nike is one of them. So, I visited Nike Running to have a look at the latest list of their running shoes.

When I entered the Running Shoes section of the Nike website, it has some cool words. It reads as:

Others run to live. I live to run.
I believe in fueling my urge. Giving into my need for the run.
I have an addiction. But I do not have a problem.
Running is my vice. I am here to seek the truth.


Ok…after entered the shoes selection section, it’s time for me to browse through and choose one for myself. I prefer shoes for Racing and it should be light weight, and of course, it must be beautiful (at least beautiful to my eyes).

After browsing a while, I concluded I like this, the Air Pegasus T/C the most.

Why? Because it catches my eyes. Haha…!!!

So, here goes another period of my life where I have to choose a new pair of shoes for myself. Will this Nike Air Pegasus T/C be my choice? I guess I better visit the store and have a feel of the real thing first. So far, it’s eye catching.



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