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Thursday, August 21, 2008

19 hours laptop - Dell Latitude E-Series

My laptop can last up to 3 hours on 6 cells battery pack. This is more or less typical.

Now, you can achieve 19 hours of battery live...!!!

Wow...this is what Dell has come up with, with its Dell Latitudes, E Series.
Sizes include 15.4", 14.1", 13.3" and 12.1".

Namely the E6500, E6400, E5500, E5400, E4300, E4200.

The laptops are so efficient. Consume little energy, till can last up to 19 hours. This is really impressive.

However, the 19 hours live is true for 15.4" and 14.1", with 9-cell battery packs. The 13.3" and 12.1" use 6-cell battery packs, which can last 12hours.

If you want to have a look at some of its videos, you can have a look at them directly from Dell website here:

So, now, I guess if you want to use a laptop for longer time before a recharge is needed? Dell might be a choice here.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

LEDs Replacing Incandescent Lamps

Live will not be lively without Light.

There’s no way a building will omit a lamp. You need lamps to shine internal of the building. Otherwise it could be a ghost house. Hehe.

So, these lamps, such as the fluorescent lamps, consume electricity.

How many people know that recently there has been efforts to replace incandescent lamps with LED light sources? Why replace?

In many countries, such as the USA, are now phasing out the conventional incandescent lamps, and phasing into using LEDs. The reason behind this is the LED’s energy efficiency which out beats incandescent lamps many times. LEDs consume many times less than incandescent lamps too. A set of LEDs emitting equal amount of light as the incandescent lamp, consumes less electricity. It can be more save by 50%.

Reducing electricity consumption will reduce burning of energy recourses. This is related to environmental concerns.

There are many sources of information to LEDs on the net.

Currently there are already many companies around the world design, manufacturing, and selling LED lighting products.

In fact, I’m also working closely with LED products in my current employment. I really encourage everyone to convert most of their lightings into LEDs.

And today, I happened to find one link which is quite a good resource of information on LEDs.

I am also surprised to read that there’s LED University…!!!

If you would like to study LEDs, here you go

Alright, that’s all I would like to drop by here.

Last but not least,
Do help to reduce usage of energy resources by reducing energy consumption.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Welcome to Beijing - Olympic 2008 Beijing them song (one of) - Music Video

This is one of the theme songs of Olympic 2008 Beijing.
As far as I know, China has produced many theme songs. This is one of them.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Riding with Robots - Recommended Blog for Space Exploration

Ever wonder what are the traces found on other planets?
I believe some might think of NASA when want to read or find out info about space.

Well, I found this blog website may be a good source of snaps taken from the space robots sent out to space to explore other planets.

It’s prepared and authored by Bill Dunford. As I have read his profile here, I think he’s quite an interesting man. Riding with Robots is a great blog he has prepared. He writes it as a hobby. He personally also likes photography.

In this blog, you will find photos taken from many planets in the outer space. Bill Dunford will update this blog pretty regular, with latest photos taken down from outer space. His posts will provide direct links to sources where the photos were taken. Further information can be tracked down through “Riding with Robots” linking to sources.

Riding with Robots surely is another interesting blog to be “talk of the town” for space boys.

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