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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chocolate - Thai Action Movie (behind the scene)

Remember my earlier post of an action movie, starring by a lady? The Chocolate? If not, you might want to watch the trailer first before proceeding this post.

You may watch the trailer at:

If you have already watched the trailer, then, this is one of the "Behind the scene" clips. It's the shooting at a Japanese restaurant.

I really gona fall in love with her. Who's she? She's Jeeja Yanin. จีจ้า ญาณิน. The star actress of the Thai Action Movie, Chocolate. Really can't wait for the DVD to come out.
If I'm in Thailand, I sure go to watch her action movie in the cinema. This movie has been released on cinema screen on the 6th of February 2008.

Action...!!! (please allow the advertisement to finish it's turn and the Playback button will appear for you to click to view the show)

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