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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wiper-less Windscreen/Windshield – the windshield which does not require wiper

Nanotechnology-Powered Wiper-less Windshield

Ever feeling annoyed by the wiper sweeping across the windscreen when u are driving in the rain? I do. I really hope I don’t have to see anything moving across my windscreen at all, so that I can focus on the traffic in front.

So, here comes an Italian man, Leonardo Fioravanti. He’s a car designer who worked for Pininfarina for a number of years.

He has developed a prototype windscreen or windshield which does NOT require any wiper. Ok. That sounds funny. What happens during the rainy day? Won’t be able to see in front then. But NO. Because this windshield is developed using nanotechnology to repel water and dust without any help from third device.

It consists of 4 layers of glass using nanotechnology.

Layer-1: the layer which is in contact with the outdoor air, is treated with titanium dioxide. It filters sun light and repels water. This gives the windscreen a strong hydrophobic effect.
Layer-2: using 'nano-dust' technology to push dirt to the side (I’m not so sure how this works)
Layer-3: consists of sensors, function as detector that activates the second layer when it detects dirt.
Layer-4: is a conductor of electricity to power the sophisticated windscreen.

This is a breakthrough in windscreen cleaning technology in 100 years.

This technology prototype is now available and still under further development. It’s now functional as claimed. It’s expected to be applied to cars in the market in another 5 years.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Corolla Altis 2008 (South East Asia)

Toyota has announced new Corolla Altis 2008.

I think, it is really a good improvement from the previous Altis. Little comment would be that it looks a bit like the current version of Camry. Some people have already said it to be a shrunk version of Camry. However, I must say, this new Corolla Altis does look very nice and great. It surely will be the choice for huge number of consumers.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

14 Engineering challenges for the 21st century

U.S. National Academy of Science (NAE) has announced 14 important engineering challenges awaiting solutions in 21st century. Engineers and scientists will try their best to identify solutions for these.

* Make solar energy affordable
* Provide energy from fusion
* Develop carbon sequestration methods
* Manage the nitrogen cycle
* Provide access to clean water
* Restore and improve urban infrastructure
* Advance health informatics
* Engineer better medicines
* Reverse-engineer the brain
* Prevent nuclear terror
* Secure cyberspace
* Enhance virtual reality
* Advance personalized learning
* Engineer the tools for scientific discovery

These challenges are to help human to have an improved standard of living, with four important themes in mind. The themes are: sustainability, health, reducing vulnerability and joy of living.

NAE is offering the public an opportunity to vote on which one they think is most important. Vote here for one of the challenges above that you think is most important.

Actually, recently I have just had discussion with a colleague and an ex-school mate regarding Solar Energy.

My colleague is in doubt of why solar energy system is not promoted enough to the consumers? Consumer would be happy to accept the solar energy concepts. My answer is that the solar panel and its system are costly. Its cost is hard to compete with existing AC supply from the electricity service provider, which will have lower setup cost.

Later after few days, my ex-school mate discussed with me the maximum power consumption of a typical house. He was trying to calculate the cost of a solar energy system if it were to be setup into a fully solar-powered house (without any AC electricity supply from service provider). The worked out cost was around US$10,000 to setup. We even went further to thinking about the maintenance cost. That will add to the periodical costs of the solar energy system.

So, as a conclusion, solar energy system is still costly compared to other energy resources.

Engineers…!!! It’s time to work harder to get this light-to-electricity conversion system to be affordable for consumers. This will in return help reduce environmental pollution as there’s very minimal byproducts from this system.

So, that goes my recent discussion item with my friends. And I’m happy enough to see the list of engineering challenges includes solar energy concerns as well. That shows it’s being emphasized.

Don’t get me wrong. Up to this point, I’m not saying that solar energy is the most important development in the list. I would rather say all these 14 items should be equally important. I believe the vote is to help identify the most demanding item from consumers and every party. So, it’s to be focused first. Anyway, all these items should be distributed equally to the related parties to develop. The list includes computing, environmental, security, energy, health, pharmaceutical, etc. The list is wide.

Anyway, I, as an electronics engineer, would like to give supports to all engineers and scientists around the world pursuing plans to achieve the goals to help improve the world.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tsunami Alert lifted

After few hours from the powerful earthquake in Indonesia, the tsunami warning has been lifted. There was no tsunami detected, and everything seems to be calm. Everyone within the tsunami prone areas is reminded not to be worried.

However, at least 3 deaths and 25 serious injured have been reported up to this moment, in Siemelu island of Indonesia’s Aceh province. Hundred of buildings collapsed and rescue operation is still on going.


Earthquake rocks Indonesia with powerful magnitude-7.6

For those staying in Peninsula Malaysia and southern Thailand, please beware of the western coastal side of the countries as there might be possibility of Tsunami following the powerful earthquake which has rocked Indonesia, struck under the island of Simeulue off the western coast of Sumatra island. The quake happened at around 3pm Indonesia local time.

Be safe better than sorry.

Please take care.

News from:

More news can be found in:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mugen RR Experimental Spec

Mugen RR has already been launched, and some have already owned it. And now appears another version. It is…the Mugen RR Experimental Spec. This is a more hardcore type of Civic Mugen RR. an enhanced version from the Mugen RR.

Its K20A engine has be bored to 2.2L (2157cc). Performance improved with several other tuning and modifications. Even the driver's information front panel has been changed. The tachometer is now placed on top of everything and the digital speedometer is now moved down placed under the tacho. This gives driver an emphasis that the engine rev should be kept in view all the times.

Its body has been improved with better reinforcement and lighter material (carbon composite).



Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mugen RR vs Sports Modulo Type vs S2000 vs S2000 Type S vs Civic FD Type R

I must admit that I like Honda Civics. So, I here share another nice video showing the race between The Civics agains the S2000s. The result is…the Civics beat the S2000s, and the winners are the Mugens. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

PLEO – The Robotic Baby Dinosaur

It comes from Jurassic Park…!!!
Haha…no…no…just kidding.

It’s a cute PLEO. A robotic lifelike pet. It’s meant to be with you. Yes, it’s a pet. Robot. Toy, but not dumb toy.

This is a very interesting Toy. It has emotions, it moves autonomously, it reacts, it sees, it sounds, and it plays with you. I am not sure what else intelligent it has in itself. It eats? It grows? But overall, it’s amazing.

Here’s the video showing the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the PLEO when it’s with humans.

This Dino robot is developed by UGOBE, privately-held company based in Emeryville, California that develops revolutionary robotics that transform inanimate objects into lifelike creatures.

This is another great robot to have been developed.

Looking for pet? So, this might be one of your choices. I guess it doesn’t pee. Haha…!!!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

S.A.D also stands for Self Advance Development

I was chatting with a friend today, and our topic was related to self development. So, he once mentioned SAD in the chat.

At first i didn't know what this abbreviation in his context is. Therefore I asked him what’s it stand for?

The answer is: “Self Advance Development”. more 'sad' feeling. It's technically good.

I guess we can go on and on to create the words for this abbreviation, never ending.

S.A.D. Day = Single And Desperate Day

Haha…another nice abbreviation for S.A.D. to those singles on Valentine’s day.

S.A.D. day = Single And Desperate day…(credit to Cedric).


Maybe, to those who have ideas for the abbreviation S.A.D can leave your comments here. Let’s make a list for this abbreviation S.A.D. and of course linked to Valentine’s Day please.

Valentine's day is S.A.D. for singles

haha...early morning, today, the Valentine's day, I received a message from one of my friends.

The message was: "Happy Single Awareness Day, "S.A.D". "

hahahaha...It's so funny.

So, same greetings to all of you who are singles. Happy Single Awareness Day, but please don't be sad. Cheers...!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

May your lives be filled with Loves, and only Loves.

Well, if you are interested or curious in how Valentine’s day came about, you may read from here: The History of Valentine’s Day. This is one of the resources to read about.

For your information, I have never celebrated this day with any special girl. I’m still searching for that special someone to fill this day with the most wonderful love, that only two of us can feel the best.

Monday, February 11, 2008

RUNAHOLIC - Nike Running Shoes

What the hell is this word, Runaholic? It’s a new word, trying to describe one which is addicted to or crazy about Running. That’s the impression I have for this word, Runaholic, when I visited Nike website.

When I select shoes, I will search for running shoes. Why? Because I love running or jogging. It’s good for health. There are few brands of my favourites, and Nike is one of them. So, I visited Nike Running to have a look at the latest list of their running shoes.

When I entered the Running Shoes section of the Nike website, it has some cool words. It reads as:

Others run to live. I live to run.
I believe in fueling my urge. Giving into my need for the run.
I have an addiction. But I do not have a problem.
Running is my vice. I am here to seek the truth.


Ok…after entered the shoes selection section, it’s time for me to browse through and choose one for myself. I prefer shoes for Racing and it should be light weight, and of course, it must be beautiful (at least beautiful to my eyes).

After browsing a while, I concluded I like this, the Air Pegasus T/C the most.

Why? Because it catches my eyes. Haha…!!!

So, here goes another period of my life where I have to choose a new pair of shoes for myself. Will this Nike Air Pegasus T/C be my choice? I guess I better visit the store and have a feel of the real thing first. So far, it’s eye catching.


Civic FD Type R vs Civic Mugen RR (videos)

To those Honda Civic lovers, including me.

Here’s the video of the race between Civic FD Type R and Civic Mugen RR. Need no explanation on these two cars. You know them well. Let’s just watch the race.

Part 1

Part 2

As a conclusion, wathcing the videos twice, the Mugen RR is slightly faster and more stable.

Mugen RR has better specification, but dearer than the Type-R.
For the Looks wise, depends on personal tastes.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chocolate - Thai Action Movie (Official Website)

After watching the trailer and behind the scene of Chocolate, the new Thai action movie, I start searching for the official website of the Chocolate.

After searching high and low, I just found it. Its website is:

This will give more details of the movie, and its people.

I like some of the cute terms they use in this flashy website. The terms are like "Chocoload" and "Chocoboard". haha...!!! funny terms, but understandable.

Chocolate - Thai Action Movie (behind the scene)

Remember my earlier post of an action movie, starring by a lady? The Chocolate? If not, you might want to watch the trailer first before proceeding this post.

You may watch the trailer at:

If you have already watched the trailer, then, this is one of the "Behind the scene" clips. It's the shooting at a Japanese restaurant.

I really gona fall in love with her. Who's she? She's Jeeja Yanin. จีจ้า ญาณิน. The star actress of the Thai Action Movie, Chocolate. Really can't wait for the DVD to come out.
If I'm in Thailand, I sure go to watch her action movie in the cinema. This movie has been released on cinema screen on the 6th of February 2008.

Action...!!! (please allow the advertisement to finish it's turn and the Playback button will appear for you to click to view the show)

Murata Boy – the Bicycle-Riding Robot

Nowadays, many countries are developing humanoid robots. Different development teams have different objectives in designing their robots.

An engineering team from Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd, has developed a robot which can ride bicycle on its own. This is one of an interesting robotic development. The robot can balance up right on the bike on its own, and will not fall down.

Erm…actually, the Murata Boy was born in 2006. I just happen to know about it today. It’s kind of late for me to know about it, after knowing about the Asimo.

You may download these videos to have more looks of how the robot rides bicycle:
Position and motion control
Obstacle Detection/Free Standing
Automated Run

This robot has 5 important components. They are:
• Ultrasonic Sensor, to detect and avoid obstacles.
• Gyro sensors for position detection
• Gyro sensors for slant detection
• Shock sensor: senses and goes over bumps
• MTC Module: for security purposes.

More details at .


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

MacBook Air – as light as air

Apple. Not orange; not mango; not papaya; not banana. But Apple.
Neither it’s fruit. Haha…!!!
But it’s Apple Computer...!!!

Alright, it’s a well-known brand name that I don’t have to describe who’s Apple. I just want to mention that “here comes another interesting Apple product”.

It’s the Apple MacBook Air. (it almost can float)

It’s the world’s thinnest laptop/notebook computer.

Physical design is:
Height: 0.16-0.76 inch (0.4-1.94 cm)
Width: 12.8 inches (32.5 cm)
Depth: 8.94 inches (22.7 cm)
Weight: 3.0 pounds (1.36 kg)

It’s just 0.76 inches thick…!!! Converted to as thin as 19.304mm, if you would prefer in metrics.

It has 13.3” wide screen TFT LED backlit display, supporting millions of colours.
It’s powered by Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. Give options of either 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz.
It has touch pad is a multi-touch technologies, where you use more than one fingers to operate different scrolling and viewing functions.
It has 2GB RAM and 80GB very thing HDD.
It has built-in Camera, which is called iSight Camera.
It also claims to have battery life of up to 5 hours.
Ports available are audio out, one USB port, and Micro-DVI ports.
Never to forget is its wireless connectivity. It supports WiFi 802.11n (draft spec).
And of course it’s backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g.
Ah ha…there’s Bluetooth as well (there’s no reason for MacBook Air miss it).

To me, the most important feature of MacBook Air is its Keyboard.
It’s an backlit-keyboard. Yes, so I don’t have to shine lights on keyboard to hunt for the right keys I want to type anymore. I have been waiting for a laptop with this backlit keyboard feature, as I often use the laptop in dark.

Well, any missing things?
Yes. What it misses is the optical drive. There’s no optical drive in MacBook Air. But worry not, external optical drive can be connected to it anytime when needed.

Another point to take note is its speaker. It has built-in mono speaker. It’s not Stereo.

So, that wraps up the important details of the MacBook.
You may visit its website to get more details.

So, let’s enjoy its photos now (all photos from Apple Website).