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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Murata Boy – the Bicycle-Riding Robot

Nowadays, many countries are developing humanoid robots. Different development teams have different objectives in designing their robots.

An engineering team from Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd, has developed a robot which can ride bicycle on its own. This is one of an interesting robotic development. The robot can balance up right on the bike on its own, and will not fall down.

Erm…actually, the Murata Boy was born in 2006. I just happen to know about it today. It’s kind of late for me to know about it, after knowing about the Asimo.

You may download these videos to have more looks of how the robot rides bicycle:
Position and motion control
Obstacle Detection/Free Standing
Automated Run

This robot has 5 important components. They are:
• Ultrasonic Sensor, to detect and avoid obstacles.
• Gyro sensors for position detection
• Gyro sensors for slant detection
• Shock sensor: senses and goes over bumps
• MTC Module: for security purposes.

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