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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Super-Efficient Ultra-Bright Plasma Light Bulb – A new challenger to LED

A Silicon Valley company, Luxim, has developed a light bulb the size of a Tic Tac that gives off as much light as a streetlight. See the Video.

This bulb is a plasma bulb.

This new bulb can give up to 140 lumens per watt. This is compared to those LED which can generate up to 70 lumens per watt, and those ordinary bulbs will generate light up to 145 lumens per watt. This new super-efficient bulb is now see to be very much more efficient than any present electrical light generation devices. The light it generates is at the temperature of 6000K.

From the video, we could see that the 250 watts Luxim plasma bulb outperforms the 400 watts bulb. This shows the efficiency that the tiny-bulb can give.

More interestingly is that the bulb does not have electrical connection to itself. It’s just a clean light bulb without terminals. What it needs is a puck (dielectric material).
The puck will consist of RF PA (Radio Frequency Power Amplifier) and a circuit board (PCB). The puck is an electrical circuit which will generate RF signals and concentrate and focusing the signal into the light bulb. This signal energy will vaporize the contents in the bulb to plasma state, and making the bulb to generate intense light.
This new high-efficient light bulb is clearly seen to be a new future of lighting technology. However, there’s not much mention on the environmental issues related to the design of the bulb.

The Luxim super-efficient light bulb is a new challenger to the currently developing bright-LEDs. Recently there has been high investment in research and development of LEDs to compete with fluorescent lamps. Many lighting products are now diverting into LEDs. The industry of lighting is clearly seen competitive among themselves in getting most efficient technology, in terms of brightness per watt.

No matter what, technology development will never rest. It’s progressing and keep on moving, with those people who have been spending times to create things to improve lives.

A bit story of lightings:

Light is the main source of energy for photosynthesis in plants. And lights cannot be omitted in lives. We need light to see things. Moreover, we are recently trying to make use of light as a source of energy. So, that’s how important light is.

Now, talking about light bulbs; devices which generate light for the purpose of “seeing objects/things”.

Presently, we have 3 main types of light generation devices.
Fluorescent lamp: contains special gases in its enclosure which will generate light when the gas is charged up by electricity. It will require ballast to regulate power supply to the bulb.
Incandescent Lamp: contains heat element in its enclosure which will be heated when electricity is passed through the element, and hence generate light when the element is heated up to very high temperature. The lamp enclosure is filled with special gases to prevent the heat-element from destroyed through rapid oxidation.
Light Emitting Diode (LED): a semiconductor type of light generation device, which generate light by electron flows through the tiny diode. Its advantage is its ability to generate light in a narrower light spectrum. Therefore, the LEDs have different colours of light. (each colour has specific light wavelength).

Some might want to mention HID as well, but HID is similar to fluorescent lamp, in the sense that its principle is to charge up the enclosed gases to generate light. HID is applied in automotive head lights, and it’s a replacement to conventional head light bulbs. HID will require ballast as well.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All New Jazz 2008 (South-East Asia)

Honda Jazz fans…Honda Jazz the All New has arrived…erm…or another way of saying is The All New Jazz has arrived.

This time, with a very new look. It’s driven with 1.5L i-VTEC gasoline engine. Able to output 120 horse-power at 6,600RPM, and a 145Nm of torque at 4800RPM.

For automatic transmission package, it has Shift-Paddle at the steering wheel (like the F1 shifting) to shift the 5-gear transmission up or down at driver’s will. If not mistaken, it’s no more CVT.

It’s now launched in Thailand.

Jazz Website:


Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom – the action of Jackie Chan and Jet Li

Jackie Chan or Jet Li? Who? Which one?
Ask no more and prepare to witness a new action adventure movie, starring by the two super stars, Jackie Chan and Jet Li.
The Forbidden Kingdom.
To be released on the 18th April 2008.
Don’t miss it.

The Forbidden Kingdom (Chinese: 功夫之王) is a forthcoming martial arts adventure film which is the first film collaboration between martial arts veterans Jackie Chan and Jet Li, with action choreography by Yuen Woo-ping. Filming was completed on August 24, 2007 and it went into post-production on September 29. As of April 2007 the film is officially titled The Forbidden Kingdom, before it had been often referred to as The J & J Project. Director Rob Minkoff (who previously helmed such films as The Lion King and the Stuart Little films) will be behind the camera while Yuen Woo Ping will handle the fight choreography. Film studios Lionsgate and The Weinstein Company, will share distributing duties.
(Quoted from Wikipedia. I quoted all just because I’m feeling lazy to write again to describe the same thing.)

Official Website:


Monday, March 17, 2008

Printed Solar Cells - Print Solar Cells with Ink-Jet Printer

Electronics engineers,
You know what’s PCB, right? It’s Printed Circuit Board that we always handle.

Now, there’s Printed Solar Cells.

This is a very interesting innovation. It’s a new type of Solar Cell Panel. It shouldn’t be called panel as it’s as thin as paper, and made from flexible plastics. When I mention flexible, it means it can be curve-folded, just like the photographic film.

The breakthrough of this solar energy transducer technology is its fabrication process. It’s not the same as earlier solar cells where it used to be processed through silicon fabrication. This time round, what’s needed is just a conventional ink-jet printer.

A thin flexible plastic, which is also a substrate by itself, is used as a printing medium. The ink-jet printer is loaded with a type of ink, which is the solar material. The solar material is then printed onto the plastic film, to form a Printed Solar Cell. The output of this printing process is a thin flexible solar film, which can be rolled. Also, it can be coated with adhesive to have the Printed Solar Cells stick to any surface.

This technology has been announced by Konarka Technoligies Inc. They call it Power Plastic®. It has planned to apply to windows and clothing.

It’s also said to be cheaper than the conventional solar panels.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Apple iPod Nano Sparks in Japan

Wow…I have heard news on battery explosion in mobile phones and laptops. But now, it’s Apple iPod.

Japan is currently investigating the iPod Nano after it has received a report a user observed sparks while the iPod is being recharged.
It’s not sure how many similar cases occur in other places.

It’s reported that the iPod is assembled in China, but not sure where the Li-ion battery is built.

Soon we shall hear reports on the investigation from Japan, and might also hear something from Apple.

Image just for illustration. (from:

Vietnam’s First Telecomm Satellite to Launch in April 2008

The telecommunication in Vietnam is expending. Therefore, there’s a need to have its own satellite to cater with the increasing demand of telecommunication. This will reduce Vietnam’s reliance on foreign satellites.

State-run Vietnam Posts and Telecommunication Group (VNPT) have said that the satellite, VINASAT-I, will be launched into orbit on 12th April 2008 in French Guiana by European firm ArianeSpace,

VINASAT-I costs $200-million, built by Lockheed Martin, will have a life span of 15 to 20 years.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Google Calculator – and many un-well-known Features

How many of you know that Google is also a built-in calculator in its search box?

Try enter this in the google search box and see what happen.
Enter: 5+2*2

And it will give you the exact answer of the calculation u requested.
Answer is 5 + (2 * 2) = 9.

The site is also intelligent enough to accept complicated mathematic expressions such as 160 pounds * 4000 feet in Calories. It will give answer as (160 pounds force) * 4 000 feet = 207.390891 kilocalories

I admit I never knew this feature in Google before till today.
More explanation on Google Calculator at

You may refer to “Google Help Center - Google Web Search Features” for more features that Google is supporting through its simple Search Page.

Here’s the list of features that Google supports:
Book Search
Cached Links
Currency Conversion
File Types
I'm Feeling Lucky
Local Search
Music Search
News Headlines
Product Search
Refine Your Search
Results Prefetching
Search By Number
Similar Pages
Site Search
Spell Checker
Stock and Fund Quotes
Street Maps
Travel Information
Web Page Translation
Who Links To You?

So powerful Google is…!!!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

105km/h in 1st gear

I was searching for some nice racing videos, and came across this one.

It’s really fast to my impression for a gear-1 to hit 105km/h. I wonder what’s the fastest record for gear-1?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Buggy Rollin the Roller Man

We have Superman, Spiderman, Ultraman, etc. Here comes another Man. He’s the RollerMan. Or also known as the Buggy Rollin Man.

His name is Jean Yves, a French man. He’s a designer, performer, showman, actor, painter, dancer, film director and film editor. He invented Buggy Rollin in 2004, a suit with wheels allows to skate in all positions. He also invented Buggy Ski in 2006, a suit with ski which allows to ski in all positions.

I posted his video previously, and now I found more links to him.

He’s got his video collection in, which is

He also has his personal website, which is with lots of photos posted there. .

Here's another video of him when he presented himself in Korea. It's very entertaining for him to have presented himself in his Roller suit at the airport, and rolled around the airport.

And here are some of his photos: (I like his suit so much. It’s cool…!!!)

I wonder how it feels like rolling on the stomach down the road. I think it should feel like flying…similar to superman flying…

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

BodyBlading - Extreme Sport (video)

This is a very cool sport. This man is really creative. Installed rollers on his body and roll down the sloping highway. Amazing…!!!
It’s amazing how he maneuvers down the hill at such high speed. It should be very shocking for the motorists to have this bodyblader slides overtaking pass them. Really impressive.

Enjoy the show...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Project Ultraman - The new Ultraman series

This is a new Ultraman series production of Thailand, which is called the “Project Ultraman”, and I guess it’s also cooperation with Hong Kong. Some of actors are from Hong Kong.

I am not sure when will it be aired. But, from the trailer, it’s quite nice. I would say its video capturing is way better than the Japanese videos.

I have heard some news regarding copy-right of the Ultraman between Thailand and Japan. I’m not sure how’s it going on now. However, I do hope to see this production from Thailand to proceed and being aired. At least to have a new taste of the new version of Ultraman.

Poster of "Project Ultraman"

Ultraman Elite

Dark Ultraman
Ultraman Millennium

The Converting Device for Dark Ultraman

The converting device for Ultraman Millennium

The converting device for Ultraman Elite