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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 World Champion of Public Speaking

How many people knows how to talk in front of audience? How many people knows how to attract attention from the audience? How many people can talk until no one would turn away? Toastmasters International is one community which can build anyone to be a good speaker, a true public speaker.

Here are the 2012 International Speech Contest Winners:

Ryan Avery (from  Portland, Oregon, America) 
Topic: "Trust is a Must" 
Palaniappa Subramaniam (from Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia)
Topic: "Finding the Right Shoes" 
Stuart Pink (from Massachusetts, America)
Topic: "Brain Lifting: A Crash Course in Creativity"  


Monday, August 20, 2012

New type of crash test aims for safer vehicles [Video]

I like this idea of crash test. It really puts a new challenge to car safety designers. Now we can see even the most popular luxury car could not perform well with this new crash test. Good job to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
It's known as "Small Overlap Crash Test".


Eating Angry Bird

My sister's friend bought this as souvenir from Ipoh, and I ate it. In other words, I killed it! is now dead. Digested in my stomach. :-p
Wonder what it is? It is actually a dumpling. Assorted with blended peanut paste. Steamed to be surved. Innovative. Kids would like it very much. Some may not even feel like eating it, because it's cute.