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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Motorola to sell off its handsets business

On Thursday, 31st January 2008, Motorola has announced that it might decide to sell off its cell phone business unit. This is due to its failure in pushing its status up in the market for the past few years.

So, this will be similar to Ericsson which has been bought up by Sony many years ago. Also similar to Siemens’ cell phone sector, which has been merged to BenQ. These brands are now Sony-Ericsson and BenQ-Siemens respectively.

The question is: Who will be the one to buy up Motorola’s Cellular business unit (or known in another name as Mobile Devices)?

However, never to worry that the name Motorola will disappear after its cellular business is sold off. Motorola is still doing well in its other business units, which are:
1. Enterprise Mobility Solutions Business unit, and
2. Home and Networks Mobility Business unit.

What do these two units produce?
They produce products such as Two-Way Radios, digital video systems, modems, broadband access systems, etc. You may find more information on Motorola’s businesses at .

Recalling back, I still remember using the Motorola microcontroller, the 68HC11 8-bit microcontroller, to build my electronics projects. It’s one of the nice controllers to use. However, Motorola’s Semiconductor has been bought up by another party and now known as FreeScale Semiconductor.

Motorola is a very famous brand name, and is one of the very successful telecommunication companies in US. It is world’s recognized name. I felt surprised when I heard about this news. I really feel that Motorola should stand stronger and try to find better solutions than just to sell it (the mobile devices business) off.

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