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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Smallest Laser Projector

Small but show big.

Announced by Microvision Inc., it has come up with the world’s smallest laser projector. It’s the size of a PDA. Convenient enough to be carried around in shirt or pants pocket.

No more bulky stationary projector. Sounds great.

The resolution produced is pretty high. It uses three lasers: red, green, and blue colours, to project a WVGA (848 by 480, roughly DVD resolution) image to any surface. More interesting is that it doesn’t have any lens for its projecting focus. It projects images out clearly onto the wall without lens. It can display a two foot diagonal image from a distance of two feet. And 5 foot diagonal image from a distance of 5 feet.

It’s a plug and play device. This laser projector can be connected to any device with video/image output, to have the pictures to be projected at large scale onto the wall or any display screen.

Another interesting point to this new technology is its power source. It can be powered from a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery can even be recharged via USB power lines.

How about the common heating concerns that we always find in the currently available projectors in the market?
Well, this laser projector doesn’t need any cooling fan. It just won’t get heated. What an amazingly cool technology here.

Take a closer look at the projection module housed in the laser projector, it’s small. Smaller than a thumb. Mobile phone industries are now eying at this projector module to be implemented into their mobile phones. It won’t be long for us to see mobile phones with built-in projector. The mobile phone will be able to display images on the wall, at bigger scale than the display screen on the mobile phone itself.

It’s saying that the projector should be available in the market later this year. the way, what's it called?

Microvision calls it "PicoP".


Blog presented by Ben Averch, the Global Product Manager of Microvision.

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