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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Accord 2008 (South East Asia)

"Everything Beyond…”

That’s the new theme for the New Accord.

Is this a new challenger to the Camry? Maybe.

I wouldn’t comment much, as this is really up to different personal taste. I myself must say it’s another great car from Honda for the year 2008. So, just want to share some nice photos I grabbed from the net to show case it here a bit.

Do I like it? My answer is…YES.



kate! said...

Sawas Dee ka!! How r u Oliver?...Did i tell u before now im woking in Honda Automobile Co,.Ltd laka....So u like My company Car...? ieieie Accord is very nice ..rite?!!

Oliver Lee said...

Hi Kate, I'm fine. Thanks. How about you? Long time no see.

Yes I like Honda Cars, and the new Accord is very nice.

Glad to hear that you are working in Honda Automobile. So, if i have any enquiries regarding honda, I shall refer to you. right?