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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Eve Ball

What’s this? It’s not Football. It’s a New Year Eve Ball…!!!

It’s not small. It’s big. Very big. and it emits light. Bright light. Not just simple light, but coloured lights. More then 16 million colours. Wow…!!! Spectacular…!!!

This ball is placed in New York City. It’s placed on top of a tall flag pole, and will be released to slide down the pole slowly when the clock ticked at midnight, or at the dot of 00:00 on the 1st January 2008. The ball takes 60-second to slide down a 23.5-meter (77-feet) flagpole.

2008 New Year Eve Ball is a newly designed ball. It’s an energy saving light ball. The lights are emitted from 9,576 energy-efficient Light Emitting Diotes (LEDs).

This is the 100th anniversary for the Time Square. Therefore, the ball is redesigned with new technology to celebrate the 100th anniversary.

This ball is brighter than the last years (two times brighter), and uses as much energy as 10 toasters.

Here’s one of the video clips showing the ball in action:

Brighter years ahead, with less energy required.

Happy New Year…!!!


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