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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ATM card eaten by the machine

Unlucky or lucky? That’s the question.

I got my ATM card eaten into the cash machine…!!! Haih…!!! I’m so disappointed to have made this happened.

How did it happen?
Well, I visited an ATM station, and deposited some cash into the machine. It’s New Year, so, I thought wanted to have some input into my saving account on New Year day. So, after deposited the cash into that machine, I took the transaction slip, and walked out from the machine, folded the slip, and put it into my wallet. So, what’s wrong with that? Seems nothing wrong, right? But no, I forgot the ATM card. It’s my ATM card.

When I had that thought flashed into my mind, I turned my head to see the machine, and saw my card stuck out from the slot. There was also beeping sound beeping earlier, which I didn’t hear. I quickly ran towards the machine, to try to grab my card out, but I was too late. I saw my card being pulled into the machine just a split second before I reach it. Haih…!!! Gone…!!! I tried to press this press that at the machine, tried to get my card out, but to no sign that it can be taken out. There’s no option available onscreen for the card return. So, the only option for me is to call the bank customer service line. After got through all the long length recorded voice answering machine of the customer service line, got connected to a personnel. Reported my case, and verified my personal details, the instruction I got from the bank personnel was to visit the same brunch of ATM that ate my card again tomorrow or any other day. This is because it’s holiday today, and so no one works. It’s new year. No one can attend to my matter. Great! Luckily there’s someone answered my call and recorded my report. They have temporary blocked my card from any usage, until I attended the brunch myself to collect my card back. So now, I have to take a day off from work, to visit this bank to collect my card.

So, back to my earlier question. Am I unlucky, or lucky? Let me explain.

Unlucky: because I was so forgetful; forget to pull out my card immediately after completed my transaction. Which caused this experience. The result is, I have to waste money on phone call I made to the bank, and also will have to take a day off to attend to the bank to get my card back

Lucky: because I’m relieved that the card is being protected from being used by any unauthorized person. This is because I made the report immediately after the case, and the bank did blocked the card.

This is a very important experience I had.

Lesson learned: Always make your report to the bank immediately after facing anything wrong with your bank transaction. The bank will help to protect your properties.

It’s a very good new year experience I had for the year 2008.

ALL THE BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL, and, always be alert when performing anything. Don’t be so forgetful like me here. Haha…!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi, Oliver

I am enjoying reading your blog.

Having some experience like this case to alert reader be careful on their behalf to use ATM machine.