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Friday, January 2, 2009

Rhys Millen is back - Back-Flip Racing Truck at Rio, Las Vegas (2009)

HE'S BACK...!!!
Rhys Millen..!!!
You rock...
Remember my post on 31st December 2007? A person, the first person ever, to attempt an air-born back flip of a truck? However, the attempt had to be canceled after he suffered from serious injuries during his practice.
I have always been waiting for his return from injury to attempt again.
He's back...and it's a quick come just one year (I thought he would need to take at least 1.5 or 2 years to recover since he's sustained few broken bones).
His attempt this time is on the New Year's Eve/Day of 2009.
A nice New Year Celebration event.
ok...without talking much...let's watch his attempt.

It might look not a beautiful one. Might not be a perfect landing. Or might just be an unsuccessful one. but for me, it's a successful back flip of a truck.

Congratulations Rhys Millen.

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