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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PC with Wii-style controller

Alright, the Nintendo Wii is a hit at the moment, with its games being controlled by players’ movements. It creates another way of exercise.

Now, Lenovo has announced the first ever computer with motion-based controller.

The controller is said to be similar to the Wii controller, which will transfer user’s movements into signals to control programs on the computer. It can either be used to control movement-based games, or being used as an in-the-air mouse.

If a mouse can be used in the air, it eliminates the need of a surface, such as the mouse pad, to move mouse cursors. This is really great. Nevertheless, it’s said to be wireless. Then it can be controlled at a distance, which makes one able to lie on bed and control his/her computer from comfort. Don’t forget the point here is “no surface is needed” for the mouse. Well, wireless keyboard completes the comfort of PC controls.

Computers nowadays are made to cater for multimedia usage, and being easier to use.

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kcoon said...

The technology actually exists long time ago... but.. there was no software that made used of the air mouse....