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Thursday, June 26, 2008

New 11000 millionaires emerged in Australia (2007)

Erm…I’m no millionaire, but am trying to be one. Try? Means trying to earn more. Of course legally. Hehe…

I was reading news today, just browsing around news presses to get updates on fuel prices, and came across this news in The News Straits Times (Malaysia), titled: “Australia now has 172,000 millionaires”.

Wow…that’s huge figure for me.

The initial sentence of the news even shocked me more. It said: “Another 11,000 Australians became millionaires in 2007 in US dollar terms”.

Oh my god…!!! 11000 new millionaires emerged in a year?!!!

Ok…now, it makes me think that I might have to migrate to Australia to be one. Haha…!!!

So, which country has the most number of millionaires?
It’s United States with 3.03 million millionaires in 2007.

Notice the word “million” being printed twice. Million of Millionaires.

Ok…it sounds like I’m so amazed with this. Why not? I’m not a millionaire yet, and I want to be.

After United States, it follows by #2-Japan, #3-Germany, #4-United Kingdom, #5-China, #6-France, #7-Canada, #8-Italy, and #9-Switzerland. Australia being #10.

The end.

I need a break. Need to plan hard on how to catch up with them. :p

Or shall I just forget it?


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