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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fuel Price Hike

Alright, something serious is about to happen. I’m talking about consumables. And what I’m talking about is the vehicle fuel.

As many people know, Malaysia is selling petrol and diesel at a very low rate. Currently, its gasoline price is selling at RM1.92 per litre.

The low price is possible with subsidies from the government. However, it has been updated that it will let fuel prices in Malaysia to follow world market price.

Well well, pros and cons here.

Of course the most terrible effect would be the increased in travelling cost for those travelling with their own cars. So, many will approach to use public transport. However, my concern is that, the public transport might also be affected by the increased in fuel price. They also have to use fuel. Therefore, they will also increase their fairs. So, by then, everyone will have to calculate here and there to get the most economical mode of transport. The most obvious thing we will see is a reduction in “drive for fun” or “drive like mad” or “drive with no route plan”. One will have to start planning their journey before ever start their engines. This is actually good to train everyone to be more conscious.

I actually feel a little bit down when hearing that the fuel price will increase so much, as I have been used to the low fuel price. However, I must say, I have been looking forward for this to take effect. Why?

I have the feeling that people here have forgotten that the world is running out of fossil fuel. The world is running out of energies. The world is having too much pollution. The world needs everyone to rescue the world.

So, expensive fuel price will at least help the world by making people feel uncomfortable to simply burn fuel.

Burning fuel, in this case is the operation of combustion engines, actually produce few bi-products. First is the exhaust gas. It contains Carbon monoxide, which is a kind of pollutant. Second would be the heat generated from the engine. Imagine millions of vehicles operating. What the world is trapping?

Many people have already said that people will get used to the increased fuel price, and will again start burning more and more.

So, people...! Don’t just look at the fuel price to decide whether you need to save on your petrol price or not. It’s time and role for us to rescue the world.

Ok. I believe, many people will ask, how can I just start with the discussion on fuel price and end with world-rescue thingy? Well, I just can’t see the broken link between them.

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