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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Project Ultraman - The new Ultraman series

This is a new Ultraman series production of Thailand, which is called the “Project Ultraman”, and I guess it’s also cooperation with Hong Kong. Some of actors are from Hong Kong.

I am not sure when will it be aired. But, from the trailer, it’s quite nice. I would say its video capturing is way better than the Japanese videos.

I have heard some news regarding copy-right of the Ultraman between Thailand and Japan. I’m not sure how’s it going on now. However, I do hope to see this production from Thailand to proceed and being aired. At least to have a new taste of the new version of Ultraman.

Poster of "Project Ultraman"

Ultraman Elite

Dark Ultraman
Ultraman Millennium

The Converting Device for Dark Ultraman

The converting device for Ultraman Millennium

The converting device for Ultraman Elite

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