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Friday, March 7, 2008

Buggy Rollin the Roller Man

We have Superman, Spiderman, Ultraman, etc. Here comes another Man. He’s the RollerMan. Or also known as the Buggy Rollin Man.

His name is Jean Yves, a French man. He’s a designer, performer, showman, actor, painter, dancer, film director and film editor. He invented Buggy Rollin in 2004, a suit with wheels allows to skate in all positions. He also invented Buggy Ski in 2006, a suit with ski which allows to ski in all positions.

I posted his video previously, and now I found more links to him.

He’s got his video collection in, which is

He also has his personal website, which is with lots of photos posted there. .

Here's another video of him when he presented himself in Korea. It's very entertaining for him to have presented himself in his Roller suit at the airport, and rolled around the airport.

And here are some of his photos: (I like his suit so much. It’s cool…!!!)

I wonder how it feels like rolling on the stomach down the road. I think it should feel like flying…similar to superman flying…

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