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Monday, May 2, 2011

Gearless Wind Turbine

We have seen wind turbine for quite a while. It's used to generate electricity by wind.
Wind turbine is installed facing opposing wind direction which is predicted to provide strongest or fastest wind speed. The stronger the wind, the faster the wind-turbine turns. The blades of the wind turbine are connected to a shaft which further connected to set of gears, which is then driving electric generator, which will be transferred to battery storage for further usage or maybe direct to some appliances.

Today, there's a new wind-turbine design developed by Windtronics, which is "gearless".
It's called the Honeywell Wind Turbine.

It works by obtaining electric energy from magnetic fields induced when wind turbine blades turn by the force of the wind. It has a system of magnets and stators that line its outer ring to capture power at the blade tips where speed is greatest. This design has minimal mechanical resistance and drag thereby allowing the turbine to start turning in winds as low as 0.5 mph and generate energy at 2 mph.
This is an interesting new wind-turbine development.
Here's the video showing it in action:


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