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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Nutty Honda Accord driver/owner

Black Honda Accord 2003 model, number P??9221 or P??9211 (Can't really recall the exact number), in Penang, Malaysia. I think you are nuts. Without any reason while stopping in the middle of slow moving traffic, you just showed me your beautiful middle finger and scolded me "Fuck You". I can hear that clearly even with my windows closed. I can only smile and laugh at your nonsense acts. What on earth triggered you to do that to me. We were totally from different roads entering that road. I am on my normal flowing straight road if you want to argue. You are inserting into my way. I don't mine that anyway. I hope you received my message telling you that you are nuts. Use your brain, dude, if you have one. You are not young. 30s I believe from your look. Your action is telling the world that you are immature. You are lucky that you did that to me and not those who will react vigorously in some ways that will cause you injuries. Behave yourself, friend. I think you don't even want to be my friend. Otherwise you won't perform such acts. Ask yourself first do you care your life? If not, go jump down Penang Bridge. Better still jumping from Komtar top floor. Remember NOT to wear any safety gear, OK? Sayonara.

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