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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Parrot AR.Drone - For iPhone and iPod Touch

This is an interesting toy for the iPhone and iPod Touch users.
It's a serious toy...
It's called the AR.Drone.
Developed by Parrot.
It's the first quadricopter that can be controller by iPhone and iPod touch.
Reality video game...

What you are seeing now is a guy holding a wireless remote controller, controlling a flying craft.
You will also notice flight-like display at the right-bottom corner of this image.
To explain this, the guy in gray is seeing another guy in white through his controller. The controller is displaying live video captured by the flying craft.

Here you go, seeing two guys controlling the AR.Drone competing with each other. They surely have an assigned mission to defeat the opponent. The mission is only known by the highly ambitious guys here.

This is the AR.Drone. But it won't function completely without a controller.

and this is the controller...installed with AR.Drone controlling software, communicates with the AR.Drone in real time, with capability to display live video captured by the AR.Drone.

Make sure you have an iPhone or an iPod first, then get one AR.Drone to have fun with the concept "When video games becomes reality".

You can watch videos showing the AR.Drone operating with iPhone/iPod here.



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