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Saturday, September 12, 2009

DIY experience - Replacement of Sparks Plugs and Air Filter

Due to irritating workshop postponed for so many times, I decided to do it myself.
The repairman promised to buy me new sparks plugs and air filter for replacement in my car, but already 3 weeks he couldn't deliver. His excuse was always being busy with other stuffs.

Today, I went out to search for Bosch Super 4 and the air filter for my Proton Iswara 1.3. It's a 4G13P engine; it's an old carburator engine. I went round starting from nearest accessories shops nearby my house. 1st shop, doesn't have. 2nd shop, no. Next still doesn't have. And I have visited all shops nearby my house. I then had to drive a little bit further. I remember I saw some workshops there. I went round and round a while because i couldn't locate one. Then luckily I managed to find one. Asked the shop for the Bosch Super 4, they had. Then asked for Air Filter specific for my car, and they had. That's great. I bought them for RM55 in total. Not bad.

In the evening, prepared tools. Popped up the bonet. Started my work to replace the spark plugs and air filters. The old spark plugs are so horribly burnt. I imagined that they are not giving enough ignition for combustion at all. Their tips are fully covered with carbon and blunt. They are terrible. Well, it's because i haven't changed it for few years. I guess about 2 to 3 years. I can't remember. So, I spent about 1 hour to replace them. Secured back all nuts and make sure everything is back to its supposed locations, and being functional. I started the engine. I had to step on the gas a bit to crank it. This had been happening before the replacement. Well, the engine now runs smoother after its cranked successfully.

Alright...I have got my engine healthier, at least not as jerky as before.

If I were to wait for the repairman to arrange for me, I guess I might have to wait for another month for the workshop to buy me the stuffs. It's just an easy job. Why don't just do it myself? In fact, I gained myself an experience, in which I can use for some unknown future purposes. This is my first time replacing sparks plugs. I am a little bit proud of myself for able to replace sparks plugs by myself. Not many of my friends I know will do it themselves.

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