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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Differences create differences...

"Different people have different concerns....that's why different people grows up differently...."

I was chatting with a friend, and the topic brought my friend to mention different people have different concerns. It's about his opinion and mine. It's kind of an unopened minded to me, and I thought about the differences in people's lives which created different achievements. That made me added extra words to form above phrase.

Opinion and interest are very important. Everyone has them. There will be majority and minority of these two. The majority will be the pushing force for the results. The results came from the majority opinion and interest. Therefore, a nation, being developed or not, or until whatever extend, to whichever direction, can tell how residence characteristics are. Example can be seen from the taste of the cars. Different countries have different preferences of owning cars. Try to observe and see.

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