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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cooking Gas Cylinder used as NGV tank caused death

Nowadays, many are going for alternative fuels. The most advertised these days can be seen to be the NGV.

Last Friday, it’s been reported a trader has died after his NGV-powered van exploded, during refueling. The van is found to have a Cooking Gas Cylinder installed in place of a proper NGV storage tank. The driver died instantly, while his brother and his friend who were in the van sustained serious injuries and is now hospitalized.

More details can be found from this link:

My comment here would be the NGV system conversion that he has on his van. He converted a cooking gas cylinder to be used as NGV storage tank in the van. The cylinder head has been converted to be used with the NGV system. It’s quite creative, but is it safe? There’s always a standard for safety for any conversion. Moreover, he left his engine running (engine combustion is actively igniting and burning) while refueling. This is a very WRONG practice. We all know that Gas Burns.

So, please be more careful when making any conversion to your fuel supply system in your car. It’s fatal if wrong concepts are applied. And please shut down your engines while refueling. The explosion, if occurred at petrol station, is not just you being affected. Everyone at the petrol station, and maybe around it, may also be affected by the explosion. The “affect” I’m talking about is “Death”.

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