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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gundam 3D

Recently, I have been attached to my work more than entertainment. So, I thought, I better find some entertainment to relax my brain a bit.

What’s it supposed to be? Think, think, think, and think… and… this…
This came into my mind. Haha…!!!
It’s the Gundam.

After few minutes of google’ing…I came to know a blog, that the owner actually spends time on drawing the Gundam in 3D by himself. What impresses me is that, he didn’t draw just one. He draws many. And it’s really nice.

You can have a look at his work at
And here's one of his works.

Gundam is way too cool .
So, when are we going to see the real functional Gundam in real 1:1 scale?
And when the day of real Gundam exists, what will the world be like?


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