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Sunday, April 27, 2008

msfont.dll (computer virus)

Yesterday morning, my antivirus software detected a virus named msfont.dll.
It’s located in the folder c:/windows/system32/.
The antivirus software failed to remove it, neither can quarantine it.
I was a bit worried at that time.
I then tried to delete it manually at the folder, but also not able to delete.
Now I’m more worried.

I searched for information on this virus, and found one discussion at .

So, I decided to try to enter safe-mode to perform scanning.

And yes, it worked. In safe-mode, the antivirus software was able to quarantine the msfont.dll.
So now, I can delete it.

Phew…I thought I had to reformat my PC already. Lucky there’s information shared on the net. That’s what the internet is for. . .

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