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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cute Singer

Hello everyone.
It's really hard to think of what to post for the first entry here.
After surfing around, (i'm actually a bit lazy today, because it's weekend), I found this:
It's a cute singer singing a relaxing song...
Her voice is very cute to me. and, the way she sings is so cute. Sometimes, I feel that she's murmuring. Maybe she's bored? But it's quite unique. Makes me smile. Espacially the photos. She's so cute. hehe...So, I voted for her. How to vote? just click on the Big Blue Button bellow the player interface. Will you vote for her?
She recorded her singing and posted to the website called "Daraoke".
What's it? It's an online karaoke (by Thailand) for net users to select songs and sing as they wish. Users have to download the Daraoke program to be able to participate. Singers will have the option to save and publish the songs they sang. From publishing, listeners will have the choice to vote for the singers they like. There's also statistics. Every singer will have vote counts. So, virtual hits gauge. Nice website anyway.

Ok...This goes my first blog entry. Thanks for reading.

I'll try to update this blog as regularly as possible.

Hope you will enjoy reading.


I think i'll find something to do for weekend first. Hope you Enjoy your weekend too.

See ya.

Oh...almost forget...we are entering new year, year 2008.


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